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Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro Launches “OC Litigation News” Newsletter

The author of the Class Action Defense Blog is pleased to share with you the first edition of the JMBM “OC Litigation News” newsletter, written by members of the Litigation Department in the Orange County office of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Marmaro LLP.

JMBM has represented Orange County businesses since the firm was founded in 1981. In 2007, we opened an office in Orange and it continues to grow. Our lawyers include Orange County residents who have practiced law at the area’s most reputable firms for decades, and have supported the needs of Orange County’s businesses and communities throughout their careers.

In the Spring 2010 edition of our OC Litigation News, you will find the following articles:

Pause Before Sending: Using Unenforceable Non-Competes Can be Very Costly

Mark S. Adams explains why the use of unenforceable non-compete agreements can be very costly to companies that use them to limit the number of competitors in the marketplace. In two separate jury trials, his trial team prevailed in Orange County Superior Court against STAAR Surgical Company for tortiously interfering with the prospective economic relationships of clients Parallax Medical Systems and Scott C. Moody, Inc., costing STAAR $11.4 million in damages.

Served Today, Trial Tomorrow

Mark S. Adams discusses Corporations Code section 709 actions, which can be used by stockholders to overturn or validate board elections and are required to go to trial within five days of filing.

Just the Right Fit, Just in Time: Utilizing Outside Counsel to Save Legal Expenses

Eudeen Y. Chang reports on the increased use of General Counsels’ reliance on outside counsel to help reduce costs and staff “just in time.”

Protecting Ownership of Your Property: The Importance of Employment Agreements

Stanley M. Gibson reports on a recent decision from the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that highlights the importance of employment agreements in protecting the ownership of intellectual property.

The Section 998 Minefield

Monica Q. Vu discusses the use of Code of Civil Procedure section 998 settlement offers which, if not properly understood, may not provide the intended strategic benefit in litigation maneuvers.

To read a PDF version of the entire newsletter, click here.